Text Box: April 15—21, 2012 

Due to my Mom’s death, I didn’t do Pochsalad last week.  May she 
and all the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace !

We left early in the morning, on Easter Sunday (and Krista’s birthday),
to catch a flight to Florida, to spend, as it turned out, with Grandma’s 
24 hours.  She is in a much better place, aka, heaven, now.  But I 
personally know that she always thoroughly enjoyed seeing each one 
of you, when you came down.  And not just because she told me, but she told others as well, and they passed that on to me.  Thanks for being such great people and part of our fantastic family !!

Mom and I couldn’t believe how each of you made it down here, dropping everything just to be at Grandma’s funeral on Friday.  We were so overwhelmed and it got us a little teary-eyed!   We always knew we were blessed with a wonderful family, and you never fail to prove that over and over!  Thank you so very much for coming and making a sad event, a very memorable family time!  

On the way over to Grandma’s funeral ,I was sitting next to Bridget in the car, and she asked me if I was sad because my mom died.  I told her it was a mixture of sadness and happiness…..sad because we wouldn’t be able to visit with her anymore, but happy, because she was in a much better place, aka, heaven, and was very happy and peaceful and young again!   

Tammy and Jenny did a terrific job with the readings;  Caroline, Grace, and Sam did a fantastic job with the petitions;  Krista and Terry (and some of the grandkids) were just super in bringing up the gifts.  It was so nice of Fr Robert to let our families participate in Grandma’s funeral Mass!

In all our reflections on Grandma, I seemed to hear a recurring theme about her life.  She was a great listener, but had the uncanny ability to say things succinctly after analyzing a problem or situation.  She was very smart, and one couldn’t fool or lie to her.  She just knew.  (I saw a comment about why she was so well respected at Milwaukee County General Hospital…..and it was that she so much demanded of herself, and would never expect of someone more than she expected of herself!  She led by example rather just words.  All of us are who we are and are better people because of her care and example!  Thanks Mom, Grandma, and Great-Grandma!!

Bob, Tammy, Caroline, Frank, Bridget, and Adele left in one car on Saturday evening in tandem with Dan, Jim, and Andrew in the other vehicle, pulling a trailer to go back up north.  Early Sunday morning, in northern Georgia, the leaf spring on the trailer broke causing one of the tires to get sliced up by the wheel fender.  After looking around, the best option seemed to be tobuy another trailer to haul ours back on, so that’s what they did.  However, the delay caused him not to get home until early Monday morning.  Thank God, that the broken leaf spring didn’t cause an accident where someone could have been hurt!  (All are home safe and sound now!)

On Sunday evening, Mom and Pa were invited over to the Millers where we visited by the pool before being treated to an excellent chicken and pork meal by Marty’s mom!  And to top it off, we then ate a piece of banan cream or coconut pie.  Krista and Marty stayed there Sunday evening, because the Millers drove them to Daytona early Monday morning to catch their flight back to Denver.  We then stopped over at Dave& Mary’s at Mission Inn to visit and look back on this special days with our entire family.  

Dave, Mary, Mom, and I discussed coming back down here in June again to see Virginia, and Lola (who will be in Orlando for a conference for her business.  We haven’t figured out any of the details as no one knew the exact dates that Lola is suppose to be down here.  Ah, Florida in June !!??!!

Dave and Mary, as well as the Pirillos, are driving back to Milwaukee, leaving on Monday evening.  The Peters are flying back on Tuesday afternoon, so we’ll get to visit with them Monday PM.  (We are not coming back until Saturday night, which we had booked before everyone started leaving.)

Oh….since we did miss doing Pochsalad last week, we never got out our birthday rhyme for Krista’s birthday...so here goes, even if belatedly…..”Jelly beans, jello cake and ham, made for a birthday jam;   whether Easter or Palm Sunday, we hope Krista had a fun day!  Happy Belated Birthday, Krista!”

Prayer suggestions for this week:  1) for the repose of Grandma’s soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed;  2) that each of look at Grandma’s life and try to be as good as she was, to all of the people around us;  3) for a priest friend of Fr Robert, the pastor of Grandma and  Virginia’s parish;  4) thank you to God for all the safe travels of our family members;  5) for the end to abortion, contraception, and sterilization.

P o c h s a l a d

Grandma and Virginia in February 2011 at Dory Way.

Bridget hugs Grandma in February of 2012.

Grandma and Krista…..I think from 2009 (when she had broken her arm) ?

Grandma Poch Pictures

When Fr Jozef and his dad came down with us to Florida, we had a big Polish Christmas Eve dinner.

Grandma always appreciated Mom’s home-cooked meals!

Mom in one of her rare more relaxed moments!


My cousin, Kathy, cam e to Mm’s funeral, as she said representing the entire Walish clan.  (This pic was taken at a different time, in Phoenix.)

Grandma Poch, Mom, Virginia, and Pa’s water bottle.

Mom didn’t actually go to Georgefest in February, but us 3 did!

When Grandma and Grandpa Freitag came up here with us in 2010,  we had another one of Mom’s feasts!

This is a pic that Terry found online of Grandma and another person while in WW2 in France where she seved as a dietician.